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It was at the primary school that Karim discovered the music, during a listening of "Pierre and the wolf" which aroused an interest for the music. The instrument at his disposal to express his desire for music was a simple recorder, with which he reproduced titles that were broadcast on the radio.

An opportunity arose and allowed him to join a brass band where he discovered the bugle and then the trumpet.

Some years later, it was with the saxophone that he formed his first groups.

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It had been a long time since we knew each other and we decided to put together a duo we had a jazz, swing, soul, and jazz standards. And finding that it worked well, we started working on Karim's compositions, the first of which was "Border line" and sliding it from time to time in the middle of two songs during a concert, we quickly saw that it pleased and that's how the story of "Zanta Zanta" began.